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Physical Therapy
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ProRecovery express
PT is designed for YOU! You don't have to be held back by pain, unable to help the ones you love. Come work with our PT team and start a recovery program that works!
ProTraining is designed for clients who want one on one training to turn back the clock. Focus on balance, stability, and strengthening; an individualized program designed just for you.
ProRecovery Express allows you to get immediate results in a 15-minute appointment. Choose from one of our fast-acting treatments: Cryotherapy, Blood Flow Restriction or Cupping.

Meet Your Team

“We've been there like nobody has, we've recovered, so now we have built something that nobody else has."

In 2017 Peter Erickson suffered from severe Viral Encephalitis. He spent nearly 3 years learning to walk, talk, drive, and function as a Physical therapist again. During this journey, he re-discovered his love for true physical therapy and fitness. Physical therapy was helpful in his own rehab - but it was not enough. The concept for THE SUMMIT was born. Our patients need MORE than just physical therapy. They deserve a team of dedicated professionals who love to challenge themselves physically and who love to help their clients achieve their dreams. 


2660 Whitson in selma

We have outgrown our current buildings, but we are so excited to welcome you to The Summit!! We have combined Selma PT and The Summit in Kingsburg to bring you the new and improved Summit! We've been working hard on new programs and can't wait to serve you!


What do you specialize in? What should I expect?


Do you accept my insurance? How much will my appointments be?


What should I wear to my appointment? Do I need to bring  water?


What Patients Are Saying

"Wow, I have never seen a team like this! I feel as though the clock has turned back 15 years. I'm able to play with my grandkids and go on fun trips with my wife! My friends always ask how I look and act so young. I love The SUMMIT!!"

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