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What Do You Offer?

We offer three different programs

Physical Therapy: Traditional Referral from your Dr., where we assess your injury and create a plan of care to achieve recovery.

ProTraining: Specialized plan of care created by our Certified Personal Trainer to help you meet your personal goals and learn how to work out for your body. 

ProRecovery Express: Choose from one of our fast-acting treatments for immediate results- Cryotherapy, Cupping, or Blood Flow Restriction.

Do You Take My Insurance?

We have contracts with many insurance companies and would love to offer you a complimentary verification. We will tell you to the best of our ability, based on the information your insurance company has provided us, how much your appointments will be. For more question please, give us a call (559) 896-6565.

What Should I Wear?

We love being active!! And who likes to be restricted, no one! Please come in activewear, so that you can receive the full benefits of your treatment. Staying hydrated is extremely important too, so please bring water if you need it.

What Is Cryotherapy?

Inspired by nature. Advanced by Science. Cryotherapy is an innovative treatment that enhances your body's natural recovery and accelerates healing through the use of liquid nitrogen. Treatments are 1, 2 or 3 minutes long.

Should I Be Icing?

Icing has anti-inflammatory benefits, which is why we recommend icing at home. Recovery is most effective, when it happens all week long, not just when you are at your appointment. Please talk to your Clinician to get clear instructions at your first appointment.

Can I Bring Someone With Me?

Yes! We love visitors and support is very important. If you are the spouse, parent or caregiver, please join the patient for their first appointment. For the following appointments they may want to start being more independent, but we can play it by ear. 


Physical Therapy: $0-$150/visit (prices vary based off of the contracted amount with your Insurance)

ProTraining: 1x/week: $250/month        2x/week: $400/month

ProRecovery Express: $40

Ice Pack: $20

Shoulder Pulleys: $10

CLX Band: $10

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