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physical Therapy


In 2017 Peter Erickson, DPT was paralyzed, confused, and suffering seizures. He spent nearly 3 years learning to walk, drive, and function as a Physical Therapist again. Physical Therapy was helpful in his own rehab - but it was not enough!


Often PT consists of rubber bands, little weights, and gait belts. These old-fashioned methods are simply not enough. Real transformation requires professional experience, inspiration, dedication to the whole body, and the right tools.


Peter returned to Physical Therapy with a new zeal to create the ultimate client care and functional fitness experience. He invested in cutting-edge training for his team. Together they designed and built a new 7500 sq ft state-of-the-art facility that is equipped to provide MORE than physical therapy!

Who is Pt for?

Physical therapy is for YOU! 

Do you have nagging pain?

Do you stumble walking upstairs?

Did you have surgery?

Do you wish you could keep up with your grandkids?

Do you wish you could lift a car seat without being in pain?

Do you get dizzy?

Oftentimes, these problems can be easily treated! 

Come get answers today!

"I never dreamed I could get my life back. Not being able to play with my kids, grandkids, or go on dates with my wife broke my heart. My sickness always seemed to win, taking away the most precious things, until I committed to physical therapy. It  has given me hope again."

What's next?

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-Insurance card


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