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ProRecovery: What is it?!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The modern athlete is training more rigorously, more frequently, and through longer seasons. Recovery periods are becoming shorter. Sleep is interrupted and limited. To achieve peak performance, today’s elite competitors need a recovery edge!

Once reserved for elite professional athletes, ProRecovery is now available to our own Central Valley athletes. ProRecovery is a blend of hands-on myofascial techniques, tissue release, fascial gliding, intermittent compression, blood flow restriction training, muscle facilitation, and many more advanced healing tools.

A team of ProRecovery specialists work together to provide the right blend of techniques to accelerate your bodies natural healing and boost recovery. By combining an array of advanced hands-on skills, core training techniques, and special muscle facilitation tools, ProRecovery teams can restore optimal movement and performance during rigorous sport seasons.

For athletes striving to experience optimal health and performance there is no better training tool than ProRecovery! Now you can have the same great ProRecovery tools used by LeBron James and many athletes in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Invest in your health and make 2019 your best year yet!

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