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Our Team helping your family thrive!

In 2017 Peter Erickson went to sleep with a fever. He woke up 2 days later paralyzed, confused, and suffering seizures. He spent nearly 3 years learning to walk, talk, drive, and function as a Physical Therapist again. During this journey he re-discovered his love for true physical therapy and fitness. Physical therapy was helpful in his own rehab - but it was not enough. The concept for THE SUMMIT was born. Our patients need MORE than just physical therapy. They deserve a team of dedicated professionals who love to challenge themselves physically and who love to help their clients achieve their dreams.

In most PT offices patients use rubber bands, little weights, and gait belts. This is a good start - but it’s not enough! During his own rehab, Peter discovered that these old-fashioned methods caused slow progress or worse. There are many “nice” therapists who are encouraging and thoughtful, but they don’t have the tools or the skills for real transformation.

Peter returned to Physical Therapy with a new zeal to provide the ultimate client care and functional fitness experience.. He invested in new clinical training for his team. Together they designed and built a new 8000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that is equipped to provide MORE than physical therapy. New programs were developed to reach patients of all functional levels and with all payment levels (even HMOs).

We would love to invite you to experience the future of physical therapy at THE SUMMIT. What began in the little town of Selma, CA will be coming to a location near you.

Experience THE SUMMIT difference.

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