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Are you tired of not getting the answer?

Healthcare shouldn't be hard.

We know that there is a gap in healthcare. One that often leaves the patient feeling in the dark. Which is exactly why we've handcrafted these effective programs. Programs that will address the root of your problem, move you into being more independent and ultimately back to an even healthier lifestyle. 

Physical Therapy
  • Work with PT team

  • Address injury and start a Recovery program that works

  • Use insurance or cash

  • Understand what your body is doing and how you can help it heal quickly

  • Understand the mechanics of your body

  • Individulaized program that targets your needs and measures progress

  • Coaching with Personal Trainer:

        -1x/week: $250/month​

        -2x/week: $400/month

                *includes access to open gym

ProRecovery Express

Come in for a 15 minute appointment and choose from one of our fast-acting treatments ($40/each):

  • Cryotherapy

  • Blood Flow Restriction

  • Cupping/Bladding

ProRecovery Express
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